Ultrasonic Flow Meters

         The "Centrpribor" LLC is manufacturer and supplier on ultrasonic flow meters successful in measuring all types of liquids including water, hydraulic oil, condensate, petroleum products, natural gas and many others. JSC Centrpribor is patent owner of №16882-97, Russian Pattern approval certificate of measuring instruments on the flowmeter UFM-005, the liquid counter AC-001, the oilmeter "Centrosonic" for oil and oil products, natural gas flowmeter "Goboi".

Centrosonic UFM-005 UFEC
AC-001 Goboi-4 Goboi

     All of our flowmeters are spoolpiece mounting type. Spoolpiece ultrasonic flowmeters consist of a section of pipe with the transducers - two piezo crystal sensors - mounted in pipe). The transit-time differential method is used for measurements of flow by sending bursts of signals through a pipe . The method is based on the principle that sound waves travelling in the direction of flow of the fluid require less time than when travelling in the opposite direction. At zero velocity , the transit time or delta T is zero. If we know the diameter of the pipe , the pipe wall thickness and the pipe wall material the angle of refraction can be calculated automatically and we will know how far apart to space our transducers. 
     For UFM 005 flowmeter an optional dual-channel (dual-path) model can be configured for a variety of uses including flow measurement in two different pipes, leak detection by measuring at two different locations on the same pipe and dual-path measurement at one location for maximum accuracy.

Basic advantages and features Data input and output Delivery set Certificate Technical specifications
UFM-005 UFM-005. Basic advantages and features UFM-005. Data input and output UFM-005. Delivery set UFM-005. Certificate UFM-005. Technical specifications
UFM-005-2 UFM-005-2. Basic advantages and features UFM-005-2. Data input and output UFM-005-2. Delivery set UFM-005-2. Certificate UFM-005-2. Technical specifications
AC-001 AC-001. Basic advantages and features UFM-005-2. Certificate AC-001. Technical specifications
UFEC Centrosonic. Basic advantages and features UFM-005-2. Data input and output UFM-005-2. Delivery set UFM-005-2. Certificate
Centrosonic Centrosonic. Basic advantages and features Centrosonic. Delivery set UFM-005-2. Certificate Centrosonic. Technical specifications



Chemical industry 
-Non-invasive measurement of aggressive/toxic media . Concentration Measurements
-Operational measurements of non-conductive media
-Mobile flow checks during plants start-up and inspection . On site flowmeter checking

Petro-chemical industry
High Temperature applications . All liquid Petrochemicals, molten sulphur and process. Chemical flow measurement

Oil and Gas exploration
-Measurements on high-pressure systems
-Crude oil flow measurements on oil rigs .
Mud Applications and Produced Water. High Pressure Gas Applications (more than 600 PSI)
Well testing and Production testing
Water Cut analysis
Water Oil concentration measurements
Brine and cement flow measurement

Pharmaceutical industry/semiconductor industry
-Non-contact measurements on clear liquids. Clean room applications PFA tubes, CMP slurries

Food and drink industry
-Hygienic measurements on clear liquids, juices and syrups

Water supply - wastewater services
-Measurements on large diameter pipes
-Consumption and distribution measurements
-Leakage control 
-Inspection of water meters

Power stations
-Measurements of cooling water, boiler feed water, 
condensate and thermal energy . limestone slurries 
Power generation
-Cooling flow measurement for nuclear reactors
-Back-up measurements of in-line heat meters
-Optimisation and balancing of heating systems in 
large buidlings. Energy Auditing 
Manufacturing and process industries
-Detection of leakage on hydraulic plants
-Machine cooling and lubrication systems
-Monitoring of cooling and heating circuits and
of pumps. Numerous hydraulic applications

-Monitoring of coolant and lubricant circuits
-Measurement of fuel consumption. Dredging applications . Engine Monitoring, Crane Hydraulics

-Test measurements with high sampling rate

Chiller/Refrigeration Systems 

Inlet outlet flows . Preventative maintenance and pump checks to protect / verify existing packages


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